LUCKNOW: BSP national president Mayawati has appointed old guard Vishwanath Pal as the new state president of the party, removing Bhim Rajbhar who had been holding the post for the past five years.
Pal hails from Ayodhya and represents the Pal community, one of the Most Backward Caste (MBC) subcastes in the state. In a tweet, Mayawati said that the change has been effected keeping in mind the recent political situation in the state.
“Vishwanath Pal is an old, sincere, missionary and loyal worker of the party. I have full faith that he will connect the most backward castes with BSP and expand the base of the party in the state,” she said.
With the move, Mayawati has emphasised on BSP’s strategy which is centred around winning back its lost voters among Muslims, Dalits and backward castes.
Pal’s three-decade long association with the BSP in UP was one of the prime reasons which led to his ascent in the party’s organizational structure in the state.
He has replaced Bhim Rajbhar who has been made the party’s coordinator for Bihar. Rajbhar, who represents the backward community, is still the party’s coordinator for Purvanchal zone. Mayawati said that the party was grateful to Rajbhar, who had been working for the organisation with utmost honesty and loyalty. Pal’s appointment as the state head is likely to send a positive message in the Awadh zone. BSP has six zones, each having three of the 18 divisions of the state.
The BSP chief is likely to announce more changes in the party organization in the days to come to suit the party’s interest in the upcoming local body polls.

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