AMRITSAR: As many as 190 Hindu pilgrims from Pakistan were stopped by the neighbouring country’s immigration officials at Wagah border on Tuesday.
Sources said a Hindu jatha, comprising 190 men, women and children of all age groups, was coming to India for a pilgrimage to Haridwar and meet their relatives in Rajasthan, but they were not allowed to cross the border to India by Pakistani immigration officials.
“Probably, Pakistani immigration officials were suspicious about the return of Hindu passengers from India and subjected them to questioning,” said sources. The sources added it appeared that Pakistani immigration officials were not convinced of their replies and stopped them at Wagah for further clearance.
The number of Pakistani Hindus arriving in India and most of them settling here, especially in parts of Rajasthan, has increased in recent past. Sources informed that in the past three months, 70 groups of Hindus have arrived from Pakistan.

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