LUCKNOW: The third curtain raiser event ‘Shaadi ke Naghmaat‘ of Sanatkada Lucknow Festival was organized at Aiwan-e-Ahmad on Sunday. Abiding by the theme of 14th Sanatkada Lucknow Festival ‘Raqs -e-Mausiqui’, several folk songs sung during the wedding processions in the Awadh region were rendered during the programme.
Singing the banna-banni songs like ‘Banni ko gore gore haath, rachan dyo mehndi hare hare’ which described the feelings of a bride and a groom were sung during the programme. Singers were supported by constant applause from the audience which matched the beats of the dholak. Relishing over peanuts, paan and hot cup of noon-chai (Pink tea), they got so indulged in the programme that they danced as if they were actually attending a wedding.
Suman Puri, a folk singer said, “Events like this help in reminding us about our rich culture and traditions.”

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